11 a.m. to 9 p.m. weekdays
10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Saturdays (and breakfast specials)

3 p.m. to 7 p.m. Sundays (Brunch from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.)

Lighter fare

House-cut French fries                                                                                     $3
Guacamole with baked tortilla chips                                                                 $5
Hummus with fire-roasted peppers and pita                                                      $5
Chicken nuggets with honey mustard                                                                 $6
Sweet potato fries                                                                                            $4

The Health Salad
Assorted lettuce with tomatoes, avocado slices, orange slices served

with low fat yogurt                                                                                           $9

The Chef Salad
Iceberg lettuce, Swiss cheese, ham, boiled egg, tomatoe concasse with

balsamic or raspberry dressing                                                                       $9

The Monkland Salad
Mixed baby greens,guacamole,  roasted red peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers,
red onions and Gouda cheese with house vinaigrette                                        $9

For all salads

 Add:                                        Chicken breast                                           +          $4
                                                Atlantic salmon                                           +          $4
                                                Gulf shrimp                                                 +          $5

Sandwiches, Wraps or Croissant
All sandwiches have choice of Premier Moisson white, brown or 7 grains
Add $2 for fries or mixed green salad

The Late Riser
Rich and creamy cheese omelets topped with a choice of bacon or ham

served on a flaky croissant                                                                             $7

Grilled cheese                                                                                              $4

Bacon, lettuce and tomato with mayo                                                             $6

Acapulco Wrap
Grilled peppers, guacamole, tomato, red onions, lettuce and cilantro  aioli          $6

add chicken                                                                                                      $10

Club Sandwich
Rotisserie roasted chicken, apple wood smoked bacon, lettuce,

tomato and mayo                                                                                            $8

From the Grill

Add $2 for fries or mixed  green salad or extra cheese

The Dog (All Beef)                                                                                         $3

Bacon Cheese Burger
With apple wood smoked bacon, Monterey Jack cheese, lettuce and tomatoes     $7

The Monkland Burger

Caramalized onions, sauteed mushrooms, cheese                                                $8

Hamburger                                                                                                       $7

Veggie burger                                                                                                  $4               


Petite fours (2)                  $2

Cake or pie of the week               $5   

Happy Hour Menu (available 4-7 p.m.)

Crudite and dip                                           $4

Hummus with fire roasted peppers and pita  $5

Quebec cheese platter                                  $7

Charcuterie board                                        $7 

Antipasto platter

Prosciutto , eggplant caviar, sundried tomatoes

pesto & dried cranberries                             $9