*GST and PST will be applied to all fees. All memberships are non-refundable.


All ages are determined as of January 1, 2018.

Note 1: Initiation fees for this category may be billed over 3 yrs ($175, $175, $150). If member resigns before 3 yrs, the remaining fees are due immediately.

  • 50% of annual dues are billed on February 23; the second 50% installment is billed on June 1. 50% of initiation fees are billed upon signing contract; the second 50% will be billed on October 1.
  • A $50.00 administrative fee will be charged to members who resign before February 1 and rejoin within 60 days.
  • Annual minimum of $225 per adult and $100 per senior member under 31 years of age applies to bar & kitchen expenditures, and all non-tennis social events. Alternatively pay an additional $100 annual fee per member. Junior members are exempt from annual minimum.
  • An amount of $65 will be billed to adult members for the Building and Grounds Improvement fund, $40 on February 23, and $25 on June 1.
  • On February 23 and June 1 an administrative fee for towel and gratuities of $22.50 will be billed to adults (18 and over).
  • Lockers will be available at a cost of $25 per season for large lockers, or $15 for small lockers, padlocks included, first come, first served. Day lockers available at no charge, locks not provided.

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Membership Fees 2018


2018 Annual Fees*
Initiation Fees


Age 35 yrs and over$760
Senior Playing 65 and over
Age 65 yrs and over
Senior Playing 31-34 yrs
Age 31 to 34 yrs
Senior Playing 26-30 yrs
Age 26 to 30 yrs
Senior Playing 18-25 yrs
Age 18 to 25 yrs$265
Senior Playing Couple
Both reside at the same address
Senior Playing Couple 65 and over
Both age 65 yrs and over and reside at the same address$1,370


Must be accompanied by an adult membership.

Junior 2Age 9 to 17 yrs. Children of tennis members.
Junior 1Age 3 to 8 yrs. Children of tennis members.$90n/a
Junior Social Playing 2Age 9 to 17 yrs. Children of social members.$230n/a
Junior Social Playing 1Age 3 to 8 yrs. Children of social members.$120n/a


May play tennis 4 times a season for which the $15 guest fee applies each time.

Individual Social
Individual Social 65 and over
Age 65 yrs and over
Social Couple
Both reside at the same address
Social Couple 65 and over
Both age 65 yrs and over and reside at the the same address
Junior SocialAge 3 to 17 yrs. No tennis playing privileges.
No charge for children 2 yrs old & under.



An individual guest is permitted a maximum of 3 visits in any membership year. Guests must be registered in the guest book.

$15 tennis
$8 pool