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    Social Membership Fees - 2019

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    May play tennis 4 times a season for which the $15 guest fee applies each time.
    Individual Social   $390 $750
    Individual Social 65 and over Age 65 yrs and over $335 $750
    Social Couple Both reside at the same address $745 $1500
    Social Couple 65 and over Both age 65 yrs and over and reside at the the same address $640 $1500
    Junior Social Age 3 to 17 yrs. No tennis playing privileges.
    No charge for children 2 yrs old & under.
    $65 N/A


    An individual guest is permitted a maximum of 4 visits in any membership year. Guests must be registered in the guest book. $15 tennis
    $8 pool
    *GST and PST will be applied to all fees. All memberships are non-refundable.


    All ages are determined as of January 1, 2019.

    Note (1) Initiation fees for this category may be billed over 3 yrs. If member resigns before 3 yrs, the remaining fees are due immediately.​

    • 50% of annual dues are billed on February 15; the second 50% installment is billed on June 1. 50% of initiation fees are billed upon signing contract; the second 50% will be billed on October 1.
    • A $50.00 administrative fee will be charged to members who resign before February 1 and rejoin within 60 days.
    • Annual minimum of $225 per adult and $100 per senior member under 31 years of age applies to bar & kitchen expenditures, and all non-tennis social events. Alternatively pay an additional $100 annual fee per member. Junior members are exempt from annual minimum.
    • An amount of $65 will be billed to adult members for the Building and Grounds Improvement fund, $40 on February 15, and $25 on June 1.
    • An administrative fee for towel services of $22.50 will be billed on February 15 and June 1 a gratuity fee of $45 will be billed to adults and intermediates.
    • Lockers will be available at a cost of $25 per season for large lockers, or $15 for small lockers, padlocks included, first come, first served. Day lockers available at no charge, locks not provided.

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