Snacks and Starters

Onion Spears 4.50
Fries 3.00
Poutine 5.50 (add chicken or pulled pork +2.50)

Hot dog 3.00
The Betty burger 3oz 6.00
Grilled cheese 4.50
BLT 5.50
Chicken Strips with Fries 6.50

Calamari with Red pepper aioli 8.50

Peanut butter dumplings 8.50

Colossal Sandwiches $12

Served on choice of assorted breads or wraps. Salad and/or fries.

-Pulled Pork topped with creamy coleslaw and onion spears
-Grilled chicken burger with avocado, roasted peppers, red onion and sun-dried tomato mayo

-6 oz. Bacon Cheeseburger
-Bagel Gravlax (cured salmon), Red onion, capers and cream cheese
-Club Baguette with grilled chicken, bacon, lettuce and tomato
-Veggie Burger mixture of red and black beans.

The Big Salads $14

Summer salad
Mixed baby greens and romaine lettuce, berries, seasonal veggies and cucumber & tomato With a choice of chicken, tuna, shrimp or gravlax

Monkland Caesar
Romaine lettuce, caper flowers, croutons, bacon, parmesan cheese topped with chicken or shrimp

*Jodie’s Specialties*

Fish n Chips $12
Beer battered and rolled in crushed chips served with fries and Monkland tartar

Poke Bowl $14
Basmati or rice noodles topped with Broccoli, avocado, sprouts, red pepper and seasonal veggies drizzled with honey hoisin
served with your choice of chicken, pork, shrimp or marinated tofu