FLEX Singles and Doubles Leagues 

    Please note: The Flex League is now being run by a new group of dedicated volunteers. We will be sending out the first Doodle request mid-May., however due to the steep learning curve on the whole process, we will be starting with a singles league only. We will let you know as soon as we are ready to integrate the doubles.

    1. Registration: 

    Simply send an e-mail to flex@monklandtennis.com, the leagues’ administrator, saying you want to participate. No need to specify
    which league (singles or doubles) you want to participate in. You may want to participate in one of them, both, or even switch during the season. It is FLEXible. Be sure to include a telephone number where you can be

    2. Scheduling Matches: 

    Every Wednesday, you will receive an e-mail asking you to identify your availability using the Doodle scheduling tool.
    Proposed day and time slots will be identified for the following week and will differ from one league to the other. Check the box corresponding to each slot when you can play; if you are not available for the whole time slot, leave slots blank if you’re not available. If you cannot play that week, please just ignore the e-mail. As these are FLEXible leagues, you can leave
    or come back into a league at any time. If you participate to both leagues, don’t hesitate to select the same days. The administrator will make sure that you don’t play two matches on the same day, unless you request it.


    3. Frequency: 

    Within each league, one weekly match will be organized for each player who completes the survey, if possible. If you don’t mind
    playing a second match in a given week, please leave a note in the Comment section (Important: you must save your comment in Doodle before saving your time selections!). This additional availability will allow more flexibility in the scheduling process. Please note that you will get an additional match only if it helps scheduling other players. Additional matches will be provided in priority to new participants in the FLEX leagues.


    4. Match Assignments:

    Every Thursday, you will receive an e-mail indicating match assignment, with a specific day and time, based on all survey
    responses. Please note that it is possible that no match is assigned to you during a given week. This could happen for instance if there were not enough other players at your level available for the time slots you selected. While every effort will be made to avoid these situations, the more time slots you select, the less likely you will end up without a match.


    5. Responsible Player: 

    Each match will have one player responsible for the match. This is the person the other player(s) should contact if there is a

    cancellation, a proposed time modification, or for any other reason. It is recommended that the day before the match the responsible player contacts the opponent or other participants to remind them of the match and make sure that they are going to be present. For the doubles, if one player cannot play, the player responsible will try to find a replacement before cancelling the match. The responsible player will contact the administrator who will provide a list of players to contact to find a substitute. The responsible player should arrive early at the club in order to book a court in advance for the scheduled match, particularly during
    rush hours. Once a match has been played, the responsible player must report the results by posting them on the FLEX results board located in the lounging area across from fireplace.


    6. Match: 

    For the purposes of both leagues, a match corresponds to the number of sets (maximum of three, or two if both sets were won by the
    same joueur/team) and games you are able to complete within two periods of 45 minutes. If a player cannot play for two full periods of 45 minutes, please advise the other player(s) of that situation before the day of the match. If everyone agrees, you can continue to play after those two periods. However, an uncompleted match should not be continued over additional days, unless agreed upon with the league administrator. To win a set, a team has to be the first to win six games with a difference of two games. At 6-6, a 7-point tie-breaker should be played (with a two point difference). When each player or team has won a set, players can agree to
    play a tie-breaker as final set instead of a regular set. When a set is in progress, if a player has to default, the set is won by the opponent, unless the default is injury related.


    7. Point System:

    The number of points you can get in a match depends on the number of sets and games you or your team and your opponent(s) win:

    • Each game won: 1 point
    • Each full set won: 5 additional points
    • For a tie-breaker replacing a full set: 6 points, no game points
    • The percentage of the total number of points becomes the final score for each player. Some examples:
    • Team A wins a set 6-4 and loses a partial set 0-3: Team A has 61% ((5+6…+0)/18) and Team B has 39% ((4…+3)/18).
    • Player A wins the first set 7-6, loses the second 4-6 as well as a tie-breaker played as a set 2-7: Player A has 41% ((5+7…+4…+0)/39) and Player B has 59% ((6…+5+6…+6)/39).
    • A minimum of one set must be completed to earn any points.


    8. Ranking: 

    The results of the previous week will be sent in a timely manner. The e-mail you’ll receive will include the results of matches played on
    previous weeks, along with the latest ranking based on the average percentages per match. To be part of the ranking, you must play an average of one match per two weeks for the whole season.